How Can I Stay Creative?

17. November 2016 Business The Talk 0

Being creative in pitching yourself! Yes, can you imagine? The only thing I do now – creating content about myself. I am pitching myself as never before. And trust me I need to be creative here. Why? Cause not for everybody same information is relatable. Sometimes it seems I am pitching different sides of me:… Read more

Think Before You Say A Word About Someone

25. October 2016 Business Lifestyle The Talk 0

The New York Magazine Just released a list of Insulted Donald J. Trump people, places and things. I get it – media does everything what is possible to take him down from presidential road, but the sad side that if we take each of us – we would have a list too.

You Have A Vision, But Keeping Yourself On The Back Seat

22. October 2016 Business Lifestyle The Talk 0

We are all passionate about something and that something brings sometimes vision of what we want to do or to achieve. The problem is that most of the time to have the passion and to have a vision is not enough. Yeah, right! The point is, all these things are in common with patience and pushing… Read more

To Have A Vision Or Adapt And To Follow?

16. October 2016 Business Lifestyle The Talk 0

By Lina Petravičiūtė This week topic is really important as I for a long time follow my vision and trying to decide do I have it, or just simply move on by the changes I have in my life. Tuskwood for a long time was simply a “name” that followed me quite long. One day… Read more

First Week In Swiss – Hallo? Is It Me You’re Looking For?

11. October 2016 Business Lifestyle The Talk 0

By Lina Petravičiūtė I remember days when I was a speaker to School children about self-branding, volunteering and being open to opportunities. About being simply not scared to get the word “No”. Building your portfolio and thoughts loud to people. For a long time – I was really in a place that I want to… Read more