Monday Inspiration

24. October 2016 Design Girl Stuff 0

A Break With Isntagram

29. August 2016 Business Design Lifestyle The Talk 0

It is always interesting to watch Instagram growth and when people are leaving. And it was never for me about branding even if I know what does it mean. It’s all about being honest. Honestly I did a little break of Instagraming every second for Tuswood account. At it was good period to keep it… Read more

How To Generate Your Creativity In 3 Ways !

4. June 2016 Business Design The Talk 0

By Sarah Mottard As we know creativity is at the origin of discoveries and inventions, art and culture. However creativity is not restricted to artists or geniuses. Everyone has creativity in himself. By creativity I mean the capacity of imagination, the ingenuity,  making some new challenges, find solutions, new ideas and so on. And now,… Read more

Bicycles Built Based on People’s Attempts to Draw Them From Memory by 3D

9. May 2016 Design 0

Designer Gianluca Gimini in 2009 started asking friends and strangers to draw a men’s bicycle from memory. And this is sooo cooool, cause, while some got it right, most made technical errors — missing fundaments parts of the frame or chain. What is more interesting, this exercise is similar to psychological tests used to demonstrate how… Read more

Monday Story Telling: Philip Coppola spends nearly 40 years illustrating New York City’s Subway Stations

25. April 2016 Design 0

By Lina Petravičiūtė When we are trying to survive a day, hour, bad day, blue mood – blogging and browsing is a key. Swiss-miss is one of the places where we are inspired and happy to search. Link of the film that we found is suuuuch inspiration about how you need sometimes  to be dedicated… Read more