4 books to start with your Personal Branding

13. August 2017 Business 0

So, when the talk comes to books I will have two options: books that I read to relax (criminal & horror novels) and books that bring me knowledge (everything that is about my life, job, business, human behavior, creative live, mental health etc). This time about the knowledge. I am book rat, I can read… Read more

Personal Branding – Might Be Your Start In Switzerland

13. August 2017 Business The Talk 0

Let’s be honest, we all have that doubt in our mind: are we sure that it was a good idea to leave everything and start something new from zero again. Starting from nothing in a new country, without knowing the language, or having the experience of the local culture and habits to get your dream… Read more

Brand journalism: when marketing is not about selling your product anymore!

1. February 2017 Business 0

By Sarah Mottard Have you already heard about brand journalism? This new concept becomes more and more popular in the business industry. But why? What is exactly brand journalism? Why it is good to use brand journalism as a communication tools?

How Can I Stay Creative?

17. November 2016 Business The Talk 0

Being creative in pitching yourself! Yes, can you imagine? The only thing I do now – creating content about myself. I am pitching myself as never before. And trust me I need to be creative here. Why? Cause not for everybody same information is relatable. Sometimes it seems I am pitching different sides of me:… Read more

Think Before You Say A Word About Someone

25. October 2016 Business Lifestyle The Talk 0

The New York Magazine Just released a list of Insulted Donald J. Trump people, places and things. I get it – media does everything what is possible to take him down from presidential road, but the sad side that if we take each of us – we would have a list too.