How Can I Stay Creative?


Being creative in pitching yourself! Yes, can you imagine? The only thing I do now – creating content about myself. I am pitching myself as never before. And trust me I need to be creative here. Why? Cause not for everybody same information is relatable. Sometimes it seems I am pitching different sides of me: professional, creative – or simply person who can work simple jobs (as I need a job to pay my bills till I will grow professionally in Swiss). And trust me – its not that easy 🙂 I am or too much experienced and qualified, or to low. No middle.

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To Have A Vision Or Adapt And To Follow?


By Lina Petravičiūtė

This week topic is really important as I for a long time follow my vision and trying to decide do I have it, or just simply move on by the changes I have in my life. Tuskwood for a long time was simply a “name” that followed me quite long. One day pomped into my had – t u s k w o o d. Simply a word. And by the time it changed into a blog and experience sharing.

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